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Using our lists

    •  One of Ireland's Children's Charities achieved a 5% response rate to a premium DM pack for a Christmas DM campaign (14,000 mailed)

    •  Another Children's Charity achieved a 4% response rate to a premium DM Pack for a September DM campaign (35,000 mailed)

    •  One of Irelands Homeless Charities had a 2.3% response rate to a standard DM pack for Christmas DM campaign (30,000 mailed)

    •  An Overseas Charity achieved a 1.66% response rate to a standard DM Pack (12,500 mailed)

20 Irish charities used our Cold List rental services last year and 19 had a response rate of 1% or higher.

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   Demographic Data Mapped

     • Over 18,000 web pages of Demographic Statistics
     • Over 150 Demographic Characteristics per page
     • Over 3 million Demographic attributes
     • Over 500,000 House prices
     • Average Age
     • Average Number of Children
     • Lifestyle/Lifestage's
     • ABC1 Social Status
      and much more

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